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Our Data Science Program gives you Instant Path to the Career Desired.

Our 116-hour intensive curriculum includes 8 Modules, 17 Case Studies, 26 hours of Capstone Project and extensive hands-on Skill Building

Data science can be defined as a blend of mathematics, business acumen, tools, algorithms and machine learning techniques, all of which help us in finding out the hidden insights or patterns from raw data which can be of major use in the formation of big business decisions
Artificial Intelligence


  • Apply data science techniques to data management challenges
  • Obtain, clean/process and transform data
  • Deploy machine learning algorithms to mine your data
  • Use appropriate models of analysis, assess the quality of input, derive insight from results, and investigate potential issues
  • Interpret analytical models to make better business decisions
  • Formulate and use appropriate models of data analysis to solve hidden solutions to business-related challenges
  • Understand the challenges associated with scaling big data algorithms
  • Convert datasets to models through predictive analytics
  • Think Critically and Creatively, conceptualizing Real-World Problems from different perspectives

  • Big Data Concepts
  • Database Concepts
  • Microsoft Excel for Data Science
  • Statistics for Data Science
  • Statistical Methods in AI by using MS Excel
  • Statistical Methods in AI by using R Tool/Python
  • Insurance Analytics
  • Development of Algorithms by Freeware Tools
  • Capstone Project

Developing expertise in Programming, Software engineering takes years to master. The first step is often the most difficult, and often the most rewarding.

Online bootcamps are structured, mentor-guided platforms that replicate the in-class experience. Boot camps provide intensive, accelerated learning curriculums with hands-on projects.

Our Boot Camps are full-time, immersive programs in a range of in-demand skillsets, including coding, Cloud Computing, Product Management, Front-end Development and Full-Stack Web Development.

Students develop their own software programs, web apps, and other digital tools.

Artificial Intelligence

Boot Camp Offerings
  • Java Full Stack
  • Cloud Computing - AWS/Azure
  • JavaScript Full Stack
  • Python End-to-End
  • DevOps
  • RPA
  • Mobile Apps Development - iOS / Android
  • Sales Force Developer
  • Agile Scrum

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Boot Camps are needed?
  • Boot Camps provide the much needed Consistency and Discipline in studying and applying the same at Work.Students are maded accountable for trusting the process, remaining disciplined, completing the assignments and projects, and believing in themselves.
  • How Boot Camps can be handy?
  • Teach Best Practices, Offer constructive feedback & Allow for Individual Attention
  • What criteria do you look for in potential students applying to BootCamp program?
  • We believe the main criterion for success is your passion and commitment to succeed. We look for applicants who are determined and willing to give the program their all in order to achieve life-changing results.
  • Can I keep working while enrolling for BootCamp?
  • Yes, our program is designed for working professionals who are actively pursuing a career change or advancement. The part-time schedule allows you to continue working while advancing your skills.
  • How can you be 100 % successful with Boot Camps?
  • Students benefit from a robust set of professional development services to prepare them for success as they work to advance or change careers.
  • How much time should I expect to dedicate for the Boot Camp?
  • 8 hours of in-class time per week plus 14 hours of outside work per week

We are poised to deliver Quality Learning & Development solutions having a direct and measurable impact on key business performance indicators.

Key Features

  • Course entirely designed for corporate world
  • Step by step employee's progress assessment
  • Start working on project as soon as you finish training
  • 2000+ Professionals Trained till date
  • 6+ Corporates Trained across the Globe
  • Top-Notch Certified and Experienced Trainers
  • Complete Hands-On Training with Practical Exercises
  • Access to Self-Paced Recorded Sessions to Revise and Recap

Program Offerings
  • Data Science Full Stack
  • Java Full Stack
  • Cloud Computing - AWS/Azure
  • JavaScript Full Stack
  • R Programming
  • Python End-to-End
  • Mobile Apps Development - iOS / Android
  • DevOps
  • RPA - Blue Prism / UIPath

Higher education today embraces the ideas of interdisciplinary thinking and performance, and what better way to model this than to have Guest Speakers from Information Technology Industry disciplines teaching content from their perspective.

Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speaker’s particular field.

Listening to a guest speaker and participating in ensuing discussions can be an invaluable part of your college education. Guest Speakers can open up student’s eyes to job prospects they never saw possible before.

One important benefit that is derived from having a guest speaker is the enhancement of the students’ educational experience. They essentially get a glimpse into the everyday life of the speaker, which they can’t get anywhere else.

We offer Guest Speaker services at the Functional, Technological and Human Resource levels. We are unique team of Professionals with varied Experience & multiple Industry Backgrounds.

Kindy connect with us to know more on ...

  • How to Host a Guest Speaker
  • How to Get the Most from Your Speaker

Our team of Specialists resolve data quality issues through imputation, de-duplication, incorporation of new attributes, and the redesign of data collections.Our data governance experts examine and improve metrics that enhance the creation, transformation, and use of data for analytical purposes.

Our integration platform ingests structured and unstructured data from multiple sources and eventually available for consumption.

We embark on industry-standard approach for insights visualization. The process includes procuring, classifying and retaining data, generating various analytics models from the data, and finally analyze models for building actionable business strategies. Insights visualization covers:

  1. Data Mining
  2. Model Building
  3. Business Insights